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The President of the Republic H.E. Bajram Begaj welcomes the Diplomatic Corps to the New Year’s Diplomatic Reception

The President of the Republic, H.E. Bajram Begaj met with the Diplomatic Corps at the traditional New Year’s Diplomatic Reception, held in the premises of  “Pallati i Brigadave”.

In his speech, the President shared his concern about the current security situation and dangers in Europe and the Balkans. “Albania remains a resolute supporter of the Ukrainians, an active collaborator of the Euro-Atlantic alliance. Our hope is that the conflict ends and the aggressor regains reason, realizing that there are sufficient global challenges to face, and that open wars against the integrity of countries and peoples should not be part of them” the President noted in his speech.

The Head of State thanked our NATO allies and partners, especially the United States “for their support and cooperation, in helping Albania withstand various attacks and attempts to destabilize or damage our country”. He underscored that Albania remains ready to cooperate on a regional, as much as on the Euro-Atlantic level, to face attacks, provocations, and strengthen the peace and prosperity of all peoples. Albanians have always known how to be on the side of other peoples, in the name of freedom, equality and prosperity. Through strengthening justice, democracy, and our alliances, we will continue to do this”, President Begaj stated.

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The President, also, highlighted the important steps the Balkans has made in strengthening regional cooperation and the European Integration process. “I want to once again express our joy on the opening of EU accession negotiations for Albania and North Macedonia, even though belated. I believe that the organization of the Western Balkans Summit is an example of gratitude and appreciation, and I wish that gratitude and appreciation become fundamental values of a European Union that expands in the Balkans. Undoubtedly, these are values that we will have to be able to convey even beyond Europe”, President Begaj said.

Speaking on behalf of the Albanian citizens, President Begaj highlighted: “I affirm our national belief in peace, dialogue, democracy, the rule of law, Balkan and European values. In this sense, Albanians will remain a factor of peace in the Balkans and promoters of the image of a passionate, but non-conflicting, Balkans”.

Also, in his speech President Begaj noted that he would not pass silently on the danger that threatened the Balkans until just a few days ago, “as a consequence of the provocations with barricades in the North of Kosovo”. In this context, the Head of State said that “I cannot say, whether the provocation with barricades set up by elements with a criminal past, and the attempt to actively intervene in the territory of Kosovo, by Serbia, is related to a similar logic of aggression to that of the Ukrainian scenario. But one thing is clear, any aggravation in the Balkans serves the distraction of Euro-Atlantic attention and might. Thus, it serves the aggressor”.

6The Head of State added that: “Albania will continue to be mindful, yet prudent, supportive of the dialogue, but very attentive towards the integrity of the Kosovar State. We strongly support the Serbia-Kosovo dialogue, but we have not forgotten who aggressed whom. We do not forget the sufferings and sacrifices of the Kosovar people. It is a lot more difficult for the government of the assaulted people, who has never heard a word of apology from the other side, to take a seat at the dialogue table. It is proper for the Government that bears such historical responsibility to apologise for the aggression and be the first to the dialogue table”.

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Addressing the Ambassadors, the President stated: “As your countries’ representatives to Albania, I believe that you are direct witnesses of our people’s qualities, and I hope our co-travellers in the path of building a world without prejudice, generalizations, criminalization of peoples, societies, or communities. Allow me to quote a few words from the great master of Albanian and world literature, Ismail Kadare, who writes: “The Albanian culture has always been grateful to every friendly message, coming from other peoples. It has responded to understanding with understanding, to friendship – with friendship, and this is in the best tradition of the national mentality. I hope to find your friendship and understanding, in supporting Albanians in search of success”.

Concluding, President Begaj expressed his wish that 2023 will be the year when foreign policy is the result of a regional and global awareness.