Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë


The history of the building
Institution of the President

The President’s Institution building was conceived to be the representation of the Soviet Embassy in Albania. Its foundations were laid in 1959 according to an agreement signed by the governments of the two countries. In 1961, when the Soviet Union severed diplomatic relations with Albania, the building was not completed, so the embassy of the Soviet Union was never located there.

After the dissolution of the communist regime in Albania, the building was used as the location for the Office of the President of Albania, which has been used for this purpose continuously until today. The Office of the President of Albania is located in the Institution of the President of the Republic and is the main place of work. of the President. In this institution, the direct staff of the President, as well as the support staff that reports to the Head of State, are located. The large volume of the building is broken by the vertical rhythm of the massive columns placed in front of and far from each other and the inserted window borders. . The building is built far from the edge of the road, giving it a special character that emphasizes its importance.

Since the creation of the Albanian state on November 28, 1912, Albania has tried several models of governance. During this period, the function of the President of the Republic and the President of the State was exercised in different forms. On April 30, 1991, with the election of the first President of the Parliamentary Republic by a multi-party parliament, the Constitutional Institution of the President of the Republic was established.