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The President of the Republic, H.E. Bajram Begaj visits “Congress of Lushnja” House Museum on the 103rd Anniversary of the Congress of Lushnja

The President of the Republic, H.E. Bajram Begaj visited today the “Congress of Lushnja” House Museum, on the occasion of the 103rd Anniversary from the start of the Congress of Lushnja proceedings. At the end of the visit, President Begaj made a statement to the media,  highlighting the importance of the day.

326121423 1236774806910816 2211187415684795484 n“The Congress of Lushnja is an event of great historical importance for Albania; – it is one of those key moments, which served to guarantee the sovereignty of Albania, confirming the Independence of our country, proclaimed in 1912, as well as self-governance and proper functioning of the Albanian state. Also, the Statute of Lushnja was adopted, which was the first document and the first Constitution approved by nationwide delegates”, President Begaj stressed.

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Focusing on the messages we draw from this day, the Head of State, remarked: “The past should be remembered, not only for the sake of recalling important personalities and important events, but also as a moment of reflection, a moment to draw lessons and inspiration. Truly, the Congress of Lushnja is an inspirational event. All those delegates, they put all their efforts to the benefit of the general interests, to the interests of Albania, rather than their personal interests, in spite of different opinions or attitudes. In the midst of the challenges of those times, they made the decision that Albania stands above their personal interests. I think this is also our call today.  In the same spirit, we should all come together to face the current challenges, overcome them successfully and inspire the entire Albanian nation, just like the Congress of Lushnja continues to do”, concluded President Begaj in his statement.

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