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The First Lady, Armanda Begaj receives the First Lady of Austria, Doris Schmidauer

During the state visit of the Federal President of the Republic of Austria, H.E.Mr. Alexander Van der Bellen, the First Lady, Armanda Begaj received the First Lady of Austria, Doris Schmidauer, with a special agenda.

Firstly, Mrs. Begaj introducted to Mrs. Schmidauer the initiatives undertaken by the Presidential couple, that focus on the book, education, women and cultural heritage. Further, they visited the “House of Leaves” Museum, where the First Lady discussed with Mrs. Schmidauer on the dark period of totalitarianism in Albania.

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The agenda of the two First Ladies also included participation in the presentation of the project of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA): “Expanding Choices: Gender-Responsive Family Policies for the Private Sector in the Western Balkans and Moldova”.

Appreciating the importance of such projects as “Expanding Choices”, that strengthen the role of women in society, the First Lady said, among other things, that: “Women have a very essential role. We bear the responsibility of bringing new life into our world, while also being productive members of society. But very often, women find it difficult to develop these two dimensions in parallel as they wish, due to the lack of appropriate conditions and limited support.”

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Hence, according to Mrs. Begaj, we must help women reach their potential and realize their professional ambitions, without sacrificing their family priorities, because “women should never choose one over the other.”

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