Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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President of the Republic: NATO Base in Kuçovë, a new chapter in the history of defense and security for the country and the entire region

Today, the President of the Republic of Albania, H.E. Mr. Bajram Begaj, participated in the inauguration ceremony of the NATO Tactical Air Base in Kuçovë.

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In his speech, President Begaj emphasized the importance of the Air Base, its role in NATO activities, and the benefits for Albania from this strategic investment in military infrastructure, describing it as a new chapter in the history of defense and security for the country and the entire region.

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Through this base, – expressed President Begaj, the alliance sends a strong message that peace is a cause without borders and demonstrates that NATO is determined to protect the freedom and security of allies, guaranteeing collective defense against threats in all directions.

“The obligations stemming from NATO membership and the EU accession process are naturally also Albania’s strategic interests,” – declared the President during his speech at this ceremony, presenting the reasons why Albania and Kuçovë were chosen for the NATO Tactical Air Base.

“Building this base right here demonstrates the appreciation and trust that allies have in Albania, as a worthy and committed partner. NATO has enhanced its capabilities through this investment, showing that the Western Balkan region is of strategic importance to the alliance.”

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According to President Begaj, the Kuçovë Base is an important center for NATO operations, increasing capabilities to face today’s and tomorrow’s threats: “It is a timely investment to strengthen the alliance’s capabilities, plans, resources, and infrastructure.

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On the other hand, Albania and its Armed Forces receive a strategic investment in the field of security and defense, which has been lacking over the years.”

Referring to the fragile situation in the region, the war in Ukraine, the conflict hotbed in the Middle East, and the risk of the spread of confrontations escalating, the President of the Republic emphasized that this investment is especially important in conditions where security in the Euro-Atlantic space is at risk.

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“Therefore, in this changing and unstable world, we must always be ready, not only to protect ourselves but also to contribute to ensuring security, peace, and stability,” – expressed President Begaj, reaffirming that Albania will continue to play its constructive role in the region and beyond.

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