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President Begaj responds to the interest of journalists regarding the phenomenon of emigration from Albania and the situation in the north of Kosovo

Today during his visit to Kukës, the President of the Republic, Bajram Begaj, asked by journalists regarding the recent comments of the British Secretary of State for the Home Department on emigration from Albania to the United Kingdom, stated that:

‘Obviously I do not agree with the statements made by the United Kingdom’s Secretary of State for the Home Department. Albanians cannot be anathematized and labeled as invaders. Albanians live and work everywhere in the world, are integrated in many countries of the world, even in Great Britain, and have built their lives by paying taxes and legally working. It is not fair for them to be bullied. Of course, there are also unwanted side elements, that may be related to illegal activities, but in any case, they are not only Albanians. I have required to the government of Great Britain to focus its investments in areas where are more immigrants. The problem must be identified, the causes must be analyzed and the right ways to address this situation must be found. The right path for me and my request to them is related to the fact that the British government’s investments in this region are made in such a way that they are tangible for the citizen. These investments will make it possible for citizens who flee for a better life – to be able to live and work in Kukës, Dibër, Tropoja or Has.

Another request of mine concerns the opening of an English micro-consulate in Kukës, to make it possible for citizens issuing temporary visas to work as seasonal workers. Asked about the situation in the north of Kosovo, President Begaj stated that:

‘My message to the authorities in the north of Kosovo is to keep calm, to continue the dialogue because only through dialogue you can achieve the solution to the problem. Global security as a whole is compromised. As you know, Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine has caused a disorientation for the entire security situation in the Western Balkans region. I consider the situation as calm, but very fragile and at any time there can be tension. Albanians as a nation must remain calm and not fall prey to provocations.