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President Begaj receives in a meeting representatives of the Association of the Egyptian Minority of Albania

The President of the Republic, H.E.Mr. Bajram Begaj received in a meeting today, the Chairman of the Association of the Egyptian Minority of Albania, Mr. Agron Meraj, as well as representatives of this Association.

President Begaj became familiar with the problems and challenges faced today by the Roma and Egyptian national minorities in Albania and which are related to the improvement of the living conditions of this minority, the improvement of the legal provisions that ensure easy access for them to the protection of the social system, incentive for participation and comprehensive standards in the educational learning process of Roma and Egyptian children and youth.

President Begaj assessed as a positive step, the adoption of the National Action Plan for Equality, Inclusion and Participation of Roma and Egyptians 2021-2025, which promotes and creates opportunities for improving the lives of the Roma and Egyptian communities in our country.

The Head of State underlined the importance of designing concrete integration policies and the real inclusion of these communities at the level of central and local government, to make them feel part of an inclusive and democratic society.