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The First Lady Armanda Begaj, participates at the inauguration of the reconstructed school ‘Selman Ali Xaka’

The First Lady, Armanda Begaj, was present at the inauguration ceremony of the middle school ‘Selman Ali Xaka’ in the village of Nuaj (Nojë) in Kruja.

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The reconstruction of this school, which suffered serious damage, as a result of the earthquake of November 26th, 2019, was made possible thanks to a donation from the Slovenian state, in cooperation with the Ministry of Reconstruction and the Municipality of Kruja.

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At the inauguration ceremony were present H. E. Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Peter Japelj, Vice Mayor of Kruja Municipality, Mr. Ilir Loci, representative of the Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development, Mr. Gregor Umek, etc.

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During her speech, First Lady Armanda Begaj thanked the Slovenian state for the generous contribution to help rebuild the school.

‘Three years ago, the earthquake really scared all of us, but it showed, that we can support each other. It also proved, that Albania is a country with good and solidarity friends everywhere in the world. We appreciate the contribution of the Slovenian government and people, who in difficult times confirmed their friendship and closeness, giving a very valuable help in recovering the damage of the earthquake of 2019. The future and tomorrow is for these children who are today in the school desks. Therefore, please dear teachers and parents, we have to encourage our children to be capable people for their country. Let’s get the best of life and stand up even stronger, wherever we are!’, said Mrs. Begaj, among other things.

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Meanwhile, in his welcoming speech, the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Japelj informed the attendees at the inauguration ceremony, that he had visited Kruja for the first time three years ago, just 2 days before the earthquake.

‘Slovenia immediately reacted by providing assistance, as well as two Slovenian experts, who joined the damage assessment teams. However, the most important expression of solidarity was Slovenia’s decision to donate a school to Albania. I am sincerely happy and proud, that we were able to build a modern school full of light, in such a picturesque environment, in cooperation with the Ministry of Reconstruction, the Albanian Development Fund and the Municipality of Kruja’, said Mr. Japelj.

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The modular school ‘Selman Ali Xaka’ is a middle school, which already offers very good conditions, where 50 pupils learn, together with the kindergarten.