Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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Speeches, Speeches

Speech of the President of the Republic of Albania, H.E. Bajram Begaj at the New Year’s Reception for Journalists and Media Representatives

Dear media and journalism professionals, welcome!

Let me, first of all, wish a fruitful and very happy New Year to you and your families!

Apart from being the fourth power, media is a mission. I want to express my gratitude to you and all those who dedicate themselves to this mission. I know that your profession comes with its own difficulties, which are not professional challenges, only. They also have to do with economic security and conditions of practicing your profession. The President of the Republic and the institution I stand for, will be an attentive listener and willing supporter of the best interests of the media professionals, so that you have the treatment, recognition and security, you deserve.

Untitled ArtworkYou have the power of portraying realities, better and from different aspects,  because of what you do. Regarding such realities, whatever they may be, and especially regarding my activity and that of the Institution of the President, I assure you that there will be no requests of any kind concerning the time and manner of their reporting. Our task is to provide you with all the information and support required by the law, democracy, and civic engagement.

On the other hand, allow me to express a concern that I share with many Albanians of different generations. Our media environment is not up to what the Albanian society requires. Quite often, the media turns into a political battleground, where anything is possible, from fake news to poor and unfiltered vocabulary.

Present-day Albania has neither the reality, nor the fiercest political encounter in Europe. Therefore, there is no reason for the Albanian media to view it as such, nor report it as such.

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With respect to its achievements, the Albanian society has for years been an example to be followed by the politicians. Therefore, our society cannot be left reliant on on or appear as dependent from the political and moral drama, written in some editorial office, or some account with no known author, and therefore without liability.

Albania’s progress from 1992 until today is extraordinary. Our country is also exceptional for the strength it has shown in overcoming a very difficult geo-political history. It is unique for its nature and the strong will of the Albanians.

Otherwise, Albania is a Euro-Atlantic country, entirely committed and advancing on its Euro-Atlantic & European Union integration process, facing problems and marking achievements like other European country. In this sense, the media must demonstrate the power of truth, foresight and inspiration like many of its counterparts, with a longer democratic tradition. It is the time. It’s the opportunity. And there is support.

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The criticism and innovations introduced by the social media and networks can be societal guides towards achievements. But, it is sad when such opportunity is used to throw the dirt of petite ambitions, of anyone with unsettled accounts, with their personal history, or with our country’s history or its justice institutions.

I say this in the broadest sense of the word, because I view journalism with idealism and elevation.  And I see this potential in our journalists and media professionals. So the message I want to convey to you today, in this beginning of the new year, is: Be inspiring, be a reference of quality for the young, who start their news & media career, and achieve the power of the role you play!

Thank you!