Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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The President of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Bajram Begaj, at the international agriculture fair in Lushnje: Made in Albania products, a national pride

The President of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Bajram Begaj, participated today in the international agriculture fair in Lushnje, which he regarded as a demonstration of the partnership between Albanian producers and foreign ones, as well as the competitiveness of our products in international markets.

He spoke with farmers, livestock breeders, and entrepreneurs about further promoting cooperation among them and key actors in this sector, aiming to develop agriculture while maintaining the quality and safety of products. “Agricultural products Made in Albania should also be a national pride. We have all the possibilities. Now, determination is needed to continue the work started and love for this land,” stated the Head of State.

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President Begaj appreciated the fact that Lushnje was chosen this year to host dozens of Albanian and international agricultural and production businesses.

“Myzeqeja,” said President Begaj, “is in one of the most agricultural regions of the country, and the people of Lushnje, with their love and tireless work, have cultivated generation after generation a close relationship with the land, and their products are part of tables all over Albania.”

Emphasizing the importance of agriculture for the Albanian economy, well-being, and employment, the President of the Republic highlighted that, alongside a long-term strategy, dynamic schemes need to be applied that offer solutions to current challenges, where demographic movement and migration are most urgent.

“Leaving the village is not due to the allure of city lights, either domestic or abroad, but from the impossibility of a lifestyle that brings not only personal achievement but also contributes to societal well-being,” said President Begaj.

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In this context, the President expressed gratitude to agricultural experts and to those Albanians who, after emigrating, have returned to their lands, a role he valued as patriotic, assuring his support for strengthening private enterprises, so that the efforts of farmers and livestock breeders are rewarded.

Besides visiting the fair stands in Lushnje, the Head of State also went to the Grame farm, equipped with new vegetable cultivation techniques in greenhouses, where he stated that such investments lead to improved production standards and the development of the rural economy.