Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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President Begaj leads the Arbëresh to the celebrations of the League of Lezhë, welcomes the extensive delegation from Italy at the Presidency

The President of the Republic of Albania, H.E. Mr. Bajram Begaj, today met with a wide delegation of Arbëresh from Italy to celebrate the 580th anniversary of the League of Lezhë.

The head of state invited for this celebration leaders of municipalities and communities where Arbëresh live, personalities of culture, entrepreneurs, and leaders of associations that have played a significant role in the Arbëresh community in Italy.

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It is the first time that a President has taken the initiative to gather the Arbëresh in the ceremony honoring the League of March 2, 1444, as a message for the need of unification among Albanians in the face of today’s challenges.

“Welcome to your home! This is the institution of the President of the Republic and you are in your home. It’s a pleasure to welcome you today in Albania. We are a small country but with a big heart. We share generosity, hospitality, the same values with friendly Italy, which became your new home 6 centuries ago, while for Albanians after the ’90s, Italy is their second home.

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Thank you for coming on this special day. 580 years ago, our National Hero Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg and all representatives from different Albanian regions united and pledged in difficult times to face various challenges.

Today is a special day to remember that moment because our new challenges are faced together not only as compatriots and patriots but also with our partners.

We are living through difficult times. We just came out of a pandemic period.

War continues in Ukraine, the situation is not pleasant in the Middle East, and this requires us to be together to solve things.

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I think today is also a special day to thank friendly Italy, as it gave you, your ancestors, the opportunity to keep alive the values of Albanianess, culture, identity, language. Friendly Italy has been close to Albania during its difficult periods. And currently, it is the best advocate for Albania’s EU membership journey.

Very good political relations have translated into very good economic relations,” expressed the President of the Republic.

“Thank you very much for being part of today’s joy.

As a sign of this visit, I have prepared a gift: a coin that represents Albania. On one side is Skanderbeg’s Eagle, on the other, a house located in the mountains in Northern Albania.

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Referring to our old proverb: ‘The house of an Albanian belongs to God and the guest’, I invite you once again to enjoy this visit and feel like in your own home,” concluded the message of the President of the Republic.