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President Begaj honors Afërdita Onuzi with the title “Grand Master”

Today, the President of the Republic, H.E.Mr. Bajram Begaj awarded the title of “Grand Master” to the well-known ethnographer Afërdita Onuzi, during the event organized by the Institution of the President titled “Woman – the soul of our ethnographic treasures.”

In the motivation of Mrs. Onuzi’s title, it is read: “For outstanding contribution to the study of cultural heritage of the Albanian people; for the invaluable work in the field, in the study, collection and documentation of Albanian ethnographic wealth, contributing to the recognition, preservation and promotion of the values of the Albanian national identity”.

During the ceremony, President Begaj appreciated the contribution of Mrs. Onuzi. If we know our identity better today, if we are even more aware of the ethnographic wealth of Albania today, it is also thanks to Mrs. Onuzi’s invaluable contribution to Albanian ethnography.

For her part, Mrs. Onuzi thanked President Begaj for the valuation of 52 years of work. “I see this valuation, also as honor and respect to the cultural heritage of our people,” Mrs. Onuzi said in her thank you speech.