Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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Speech by President Begaj at the Ceremony of the 580th Anniversary of the League of Lezhë

Mr. Mayor,
Honorable Chairman Madeo,
Distinguished guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
The 580th anniversary of the League of Lezhë marks one of the most significant moments in our national history.
March 2, 1444 stands as a testament to the unity, courage, and dedication of Albanians for freedom and independence.
Under the leadership of Gjergj Kastrioti – Skanderbeg, we became etched in the most important European chronicles of the time and the centuries that followed, as an example of resistance and bravery for all of Europe.
The union of Albanians in Lezhë 580 years ago remains a European motif of collective resistance against any aggression.
Today, the Albanian factor in the Balkans continues to play a crucial role in the peace and Western orientation of the region.
In today’s geopolitical conditions, where challenges and threats to the sovereignty of peoples, including those in the Balkans, and European territorial integrity are current, especially due to the Russian aggression against Ukraine, the League of Lezhë and the historic role of Albanians take on special significance.
They remind us that unity and solidarity are essential for defending our common values and freedom. They teach us that in the face of challenges, we cannot stand divided but only united.
Distinguished participants,
Naturally, this historical narrative would not be complete without the Arbëresh community, children of those patriots who, although forced to leave their homeland, never forgot their roots.
The Arbëresh, by preserving the Albanian language, customs, and culture, are a living testimony to the unity and strength of the Albanian identity that survives regardless of borders and time.
They show that even far from their homeland, the Albanian heart beats with the same rhythm of courage and integrity, pride, and respect for others.
Their presence here today, to celebrate together, is symbolic of a bridge that connects the past with the present, giving meaning to our future.
The Act of the League and the example of the Arbëresh remind us that unity is the strength that makes any dream of freedom and prosperity possible and inevitable.
We have a duty to keep our history alive, where the League of Lezhë stands as a cherished memory of love for freedom and each other.
Simultaneously, on this significant day in Albanian history, allow me to emphasize the importance of strengthening cooperation with NATO and resolutely continuing our journey toward full EU integration.
Undoubtedly, we must be aware of the challenges Albanians face both within the country and throughout the region, but let us not forget that a day like today proves our ability to address any challenge.
With our unwavering European orientation, let’s continue to build on the solid foundations laid 580 years ago, always ready to embrace democratic changes.
Honored compatriots,
The 580th anniversary of the League of Lezhë is both a historical and current invitation to renew our commitment to the Albanian nation.
Above all, let us humbly express gratitude and honor the sacrifices of those before us who engaged for the homeland we enjoy today, and to walk the path they opened: the path of freedom, independence, and national dignity.
Thank you for your attention!

May God bless Albania and all Albanians!