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Mrs. Begaj with students of “Lasgush Poradeci” school in Tirana for the Abetare festival

The First Lady, Armanda Begaj, participated today in the Abetare festival of the first-grade students at the “Lasgush Poradeci” school in Tirana.

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As she celebrated this notable day with the young children, their teachers, and their parents, Mrs. Begaj thanked the students for the joy they brought with their traditional festive program marking the completion of the Abetare. 

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She also expressed gratitude towards the parents for their dedication and towards the teachers for their passion in fulfilling their duties, encouraging the continuation of this spirit of education and learning.

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Mrs. Begaj distributed to the students certificates for completing their first school book in the Albanian language and, maintaining what has now become a tradition, gifted each child a book.

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