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Under the patronage of the First Lady, the exhibition “Memory as a mission and dialogue across generations” was held at the premises of the Institution of the President

At the initiative of the First Lady, Armanda Begaj, the exhibition “Memory as a mission and dialogue across generations” was held at the premises of the Institution of the President to promote historical memory and commitment to the historical education of the new generation.

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The exhibition contained works of high school students who participated in the annual contest “Ask Your Grandparents”, organized by the Institute for Democracy, Media and Culture.

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At the ceremony organized on this occasion, the President of the Republic, H.E.Mr. Bajram Begaj thanked the high school students who had participated in the contest.

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“I would like to emphasize the satisfaction that we received from the beginning regarding the massive involvement of young people in this contest, from the original ideas that the wonderful young people of this country brought from the admirable investment of energy, talent and maturity” – President Begaj said in his remarks.

The Head of State further added: “It is truly beautiful to observe how through dialogue within the family, the older generation passes on knowledge gained in life and life experiences with positive lessons, as well as lessons learned from the past.

Through this human communication of values, the collective memory of society is kept alive, we learn about family stories and the history of our country, we take pride in its glorious parts, reflect on the darker parts to build a better future society for you, the youth, with equal opportunities for all.”

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At the end of his remarks, President Begaj expressed the assurance that the Institution of the President will always be open to any initiative related to youth and their education.

Even the First Lady, Armanda Begaj, greeted the high school students: “We must dedicate ourselves to your historical education, the new generation, our future, and promoting historical memory as a mission and intergenerational dialogue. One of the issues that the President of the Republic and I have in focus is education, so I thank the Institute for Democracy, Media and Culture, as well as all other organizations that engage with memory through education for their work.”

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Along the same lines as the President of the Republic, Mrs. Begaj underlined that young people will always have her support and help, congratulating them on their work.

The works presented in the exhibition encourage discussion, creativity, and awareness on important historical topics.

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The competition is an opportunity for young Albanians to express their reflections on the communist dictatorship and to sensitize the public about the need to learn from the past.

Fatmirosh Xhemalaj, Ambassador of EuroClio in Albania, and Vojsava Kumbulla, President of History Teachers’ Association, were also part of the ceremony.

The event was moderated by Jonila Godole, Executive Director of IDMC.

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