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Topic discussed during National Security Council meeting, “The state of cybersecurity and measures taken to strengthen cyber defense in the Republic of Albania”

National Security Council meeting: “The state of cybersecurity and measures taken to strengthen cyber defense in the Republic of Albania” concluded.

In this meeting, an analysis was made concerning the state of cybersecurity and the measures taken by the institutions to strengthen cyber protection in critical and important information infrastructures.

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From the reports of the institutions and the discussions of the members of the National Security Council, it is observed that progress has been made throughout the year, in strengthening the capacities and cyber defense in the country.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has expanded its threat activity, and cyber-attacks have increased both in quantity, but have also become more sophisticated and complex.

National Agency for Information Society and National Authority for Electronic Certification and Cyber Security, and other institutions will continue their cooperation with strategic partners USA, EU, NATO, as well as other partner and allied countries for strengthening cyber defense.

We will continue with the appropriate legal improvements, investments in technology, education, training and awareness of specialists, experts and all users who have access to technological systems for the creation of cyber security culture.

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The challenges we are facing today are wide-ranging. In today’s meeting, other issues of importance for national security were discussed, which are mainly related to the threats coming from Iran, whether in the form of propaganda or hybrid forms.

The law enforcement institutions and those responsible in the field of national security will assess and continuously inform partners and other international actors regarding the threats coming from Iran, and Albania’s determination to not allow the activity of any individual or group that is detrimental to the National Security of the Republic of Albania.

The institutions will assess the threat and risk, and will take measures to strengthen the capacities of cyber defense, air defense, and strengthen intelligence structures to guarantee national security.