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The press statement of President Begaj during his official visit to Kosova, with President Osmani


I am very happy for Your invitation, President Osmani!

I come home and to the house of Albanians as a son and brother, among the sons of this proud land and the brothers of the same identity, where the home belongs to the friend and to God as well.

Dear Vjosa,

Thank you for the warm and the fraternal welcome, as well as the conversation we had today where we exchanged ideas, views, stands and vision about our two countries!

I am honored to be in Pristina, conducting my first visit in the capacity of the President, and this is carried out not simply in respect and upholding the tradition, but also as a natural symbolism, which embodies our inseparable and unchangeable bond sealed by history, our common language and our heroes throughout the centuries.

Two dialects and one single language, two Republics and one nation: this is our common patriotic map with points to the destination, to Brussels and our union in the framework of the Euro-Atlantic alliance.

Together we won the war, together we must fight to preserve peace. This is the solemn bequest and legacy of Ismail Qemali and Isa Boletini; of Ibrahim Rugova and Adem Jashari; of every Kosova Liberation Army fighter, of every peak rising on top of our home-towers in every inch of this land called the Republic of Kosova.

Ibrahim Rugova was a visionary and resistance leader and the founder of Kosovoa’s independence. His vision represents an example of inspiration for all politicians in both Kosova and Albania.

The KLA constitutes a bright page of our common history, which makes every Albanian proud.

No fictional report that tries to tarnish the blood and self-sacrifices made by Albanians in defense of their freedom, flag and national identity, will ever succeed in dimming even slightly this glorious heritage.

Today we shared the same stand with President Osmani that Kosova and Albania not only enjoy this indissoluble fraternal and strategic bond, but also the same vision and aspirations, the future in the European Union and in NATO as well.

Integrating reforms, – towards and for strengthening and democratization of institutions, building the rule of law, the consolidation of the market economy – on the one hand – and a reliable European perspective for the countries of the Western Balkans, – on the other hand -, remain essential to ensure and secure regional stability, to support the well-being and peace in our region.

The opening of Albania’s accession negotiations with the European Union is a long-awaited achievement and it brought good news to all Albanians in Albania, but also to Kosova and to the entire region.

The liberalization of visas’ regime for the citizens of Kosova is a long overdue promise and a right that they should enjoy, like all other citizens of the region, about which I assured President Osmani that Albania will continue to provide its support towards its conclusion with positive positive, as soon as possible.

Albania strongly supports Kosova’s membership in NATO and deem that NATO remains a guarantor of peace in the region and a strategic ally of Kosova and Albania.

We support Kosova’s membership in all international organizations and we believe that the application for membership in the Council of Europe was the right decision.

presidenti begaj deklarate kosove2

I assured President Osmani that during its mandate in the Security Council and as a member of the United Nations, Albania will serve as a spokesperson for the interests of Kosova, amplifying its voice, in promoting the independent state of Kosova, the inviolability of this fact, the recognition the new and its Euro-Atlantic journey.

The war in Ukraine shows us once again that peace is fragile and that the world is facing new threats like never before. National security, energy independence, food security, pandemics, cyber security, water reserves, etc., are areas of priority importance and that more than ever require increased cooperation.

I hail the maturity of the state of Kosova in dealing with the crisis of July 31st and fully support its legitimate right to extend authority and establish the rule of law in the north of the country, in cooperation with our partners the United States of America and European Union as well.

I appreciate the position of the President and the government of Kosova in continuing the dialogue with Serbia, as the only way to make it clear that the reality of an independent Kosova is both irreversible and unchangeable.

The formula for resolving the Serbia-Kosova dialogue, expressed by President Biden, as a “comprehensive agreement for the normalization of relations, focused on mutual recognition”, or the repeated position of German Chancellor Scholz emphasizing that the recognition of Kosova’s independence from Serbia represnets a condition for Serbia’s membership in the European Union – are encouraging in our efforts aiming that the final result to be a legally binding agreement, which clearly defines mutual recognition, Kosovo’s membership in the United Nations and the European Union, as well as fair treatment of minorities, in accordance and in respect to the Constitution of Kosova.

Kosova and Albania are and must remain factors of stability in the region and important contributing countries to the Western Balkans’ security.

The cooperation and coordination of the policies and actions of all our institutions should be a stable and primary objective, as this is how we create all the premises for the Albanian factor to be consolidated as a strategic factor and a factor of stability in the region.

We assessed that the excellent cooperation between our states, governments and institutions in the framework of joint meetings, inter-parliamentary cooperation or in a broader inter-institutional framework, should be followed up by intensive and measurable work for the implementation of all agreements.

Both countries must continue their efforts to maximize our economic potentials.

The steps already taken to facilitate cross-border moving and circulation for people, goods, services and capital (such as the removal of border controls during the summer period, the agreement on temporary residence for 5 years), or the projects for the construction of the port in Porto-Romano, the Dry Port in Pristina and their connection with the Durrës-Tirana railroad are the right steps, in the right direction as priority investments, which will not only strengthen the strategic positions of our two countries in the region, but also give an impulse to new and necessary economic cooperation between the two countries.

In this context, we must take advantage of European or regional integration processes and mechanisms to materialize our common projects.

A very important aspect of our bilateral cooperation, but which requires a sustainable and continuous cultivation by all of us, is that in the field of education and culture.

The major nationwide project for drafting of the Albanian Encyclopedia will constitute and mark a milestone in the international promotion of our national identity, language, culture, heritage and national history.

Only a unifying approach, based on well-planned and long-term policies, will enable the young Albanian generations, wherever they are: in Albania, Kosova, the region, diaspora and anywhere else, to grow up and be educated with the unmistakable awareness that belong to the same national stock.

I am concluding by emphasizing that we must all be together and move forward with wisdom and prudence in defense of our interests, of our citizens and in defense of peace in the region and this is imperative for the vital decision-making in historical processes and of an all-Albanian importance.

Thank you!