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The President of the Republic, H.E.Mr. Bajram Begaj starts a tour of visits to Kukës District

The President of the Republic H.E.Mr. Bajram Begaj started today a tour of visits to the Kukës District, where he met with representatives of the local government and community representatives.


President Begaj was received by the Mayor of Kukës, Mr. Safet Gjici, with whom he discussed the challenges this municipality is facing, as well as the perspective of development, the promotion of investments and the increase of cooperation between local authorities and the community.


‘Employment is a constant challenge not only for this county, but for Albania as well, and encouraging businesses, enterprises, no matter how small they are – always with a local development strategy, will restore the hope, will keep residents focused on the community and will help Kukës and the entire region to move forward’, stated the Head of State. President Begaj also held a meeting with the Prefect of Kukës District, Mr. Ali Hallaci, where they discussed the effects of immigration in this district, as well as the opportunities to create suitable conditions for young people to design the future in their country.


President Begaj emphasized that, ‘the best way we can find to keep young people motivated in Albania is to work together, to deepen institutional cooperation, to listen to the voice and demands of Albanians, in order to make staying in the country a very good alternative for their lives’.

Both interlocutors emphasized the necessity to support young people, to involve them in the community and to promote their active role in local decision-making and to create suitable premises for them. ‘Such a thing brings a new development perspective and keeps young people engaged in the community and local structures,” noted the Head of State.


During his visit to Kukës, President Begaj visited the Tower of Resistance – a symbol of support, courage and the natural connection between Albania and Kosovo. ‘It is our duty to create the conditions and improve the quality of life in the country we live in. Kukës is a wonderful city. It is a city, that has shown exceptional hospitality during the war in Kosovo. It is time to focus the investments, whether central or local, in tourism, small businesses to make the city of Kukës habitable and livable for everyone’, stated President Begaj. The Head of State also visited the premises of Kukës RTV and met with its staff, emphasizing that this local studio of ART is an asset of public media in our country.


‘Radio Kukësi became the voice of hope and courage for the Albanians of Kosovo and hosted many foreign media, journalists from all over the world who arrived and were stationed there to report on the events and the war in Kosovo, the Serbian genocide and the exodus to Albania’, emphasized President Begaj. The President’s visit to Kukës District will continue with a meeting with the Mayor of Has, Liman Morina.