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The President of the Republic, H.E.Mr. Bajram Begaj, meets with members of the Senior Course on Security and Defense

The President of the Republic, H.E.Mr. Bajram Begaj, received today at the Institution of the President, members of the Senior Course on Security and Defense, with whom he held a lecture on the strategic objectives of Albania, as a NATO member country.

KLSM 2 scaledDuring his remark, President Begaj assessed the Senior Course on Security and Defense, as one of the best courses in the pyramid of military education of the Armed Forces in the Republic of Albania.

Talking about geopolitical situation, President Begaj said among other things: “The global geopolitical situation is complex, and I think that this complex situation will determine how the future will be in the following decades. The international security environment is dominated by strategic challenges intertwined with each other, which have implications not only to our national security, but also to international security.”

KLSM 3 scaledMoreover, President Begaj focused on the region, saying that the Western Balkans represent the European Union’s front yard. The entire region has made progress towards the Euro-Atlantic journey, but there are many areas and situations of potential instability.

The President paid attention to the importance of establishing a permanent dialogue and the normalisation of relations between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia, a dialogue mediated by the European Union and strongly supported by the United States of America, which President Begaj said that it should be focused on what we call mutual recognition agreement.

KLSM 4 scaledThe Head of State stated further that reaching an agreement between the two countries was a key moment, as well as the event in Ohrid regarding the annex was an achievement which shows that the future of the Western Balkans will be much better.

KLSM 5 scaledPresident Begaj also spoke about Albania’s contribution to various missions in the world: “Albania has been a contributor, let’s say an exporter of security. Albania has participated in many international missions, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Latvia, Bulgaria and Kosovo. We will be present wherever we are asked, and it is important that we continue on our path to modernize the Armed Forces, not only with equipments and other necessary capacities, but also taking care of the military personnel.”