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The President of the Republic, H.E.Mr. Bajram Begaj and the First Lady, Armanda Begaj celebrate with the children

The children of soldiers on peacekeeping missions, the children of the “Hannah and Rozafa” Infant House in Tirana, as well as the children of the staff of the Institution of the President came together to spend a festive morning, along with the President of the Republic, H.E.Mr. Bajram Begaj and the First Lady, Armanda Begaj.

The activity filled with cultural and entertaining moments for the children, organized at the initiative of the First Lady, aimed at emphasizing the need that every child must grow up in a supportive and motivating environment.

“We, parents and grandparents, have a duty to raise and educate our dearest, giving them unlimited love, giving them the necessary and appropriate support, giving them courage with our applause! It is up to us to determine the family where our children will grow up, the society where they will grow up! It is our duty to make them always feel safe in their steps, always protected” – the First Lady said in a statement to the media.

Mrs. Begaj further said that: “It is our duty, our families’ duty, it is the duty of teachers, educators, various institutions, to feed them with the desire to be educated, to have freedom of thought and action, to respect each other and us adults, to love and respect their motherland.

Children with their colors, paint the picture of life with optimism and bring hope even in the face of the most difficult challenge! They are our superheroes.”

The activity culminated with an exciting surprise, where along with President Begaj, the children of soldiers on peacekeeping missions had the opportunity to be greeted in a direct connection with their fathers. The Head of State thanked our soldiers in peacekeeping missions for their contribution and expressed pride for their missions, saying that everything they do, they do it in the name of the motherland and the future of their children, and the children of the whole world.

There were also reading corners, shows brought by the Puppet Theater or the National Circus of Tirana, and many other activities that enthused the little ones.