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Statement by the President of the Republic of Albania, H.E.Mr. Bajram Begaj

Hello everyone!

Today, I had the honor to welcome in Tirana on a state visit, the President of a country we share history and common values, the President of Hungary, Mrs. Katalin Novák.

We had a long and very friendly conversation focusing on bilateral cooperation, the Albania’s and other countries of the Western Balkan region European integration process, but also on current developments in our region, as well as geopolitical developments affecting the region.

From the beginning, I expressed my regret to President Novák for the Hungarian soldiers injured two days ago in the North of Kosovo, by the Serbian protesters who were misused to provoke tension and question the agreement of Brussels and Ohrid, on the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia.

I appreciated the very good, historical and traditionally friendly relations between our two countries and our two peoples. Although we have formally entered the second 100th anniversary of these diplomatic relations, they date back at least to the Middle Ages.

The national heroes of our two countries, Skanderbeg and Janosh Huniadi, laid the foundations of a strategic partnership and alliance between the two peoples. This friendship was also consolidated 85 years ago, through the royal bond created by the marriage of King Zog and Countess Geraldine Appony, otherwise known as the “White Rose of Hungary” or the “Queen of the Albanians”.

Hungary has unconditionally supported Albania’s and other Western Balkan countries integration into the European Union.

In particular, I thanked my Hungarian friend for the support within the framework of the First Intergovernmental Conference in July of last year, and I expressed the belief that within this year, thanks to the Hungarian support, a second meeting will be held.

In the framework of regional cooperation, I appreciated Hungary’s great commitment to the stability of the Western Balkans region, including the long-term contribution of military troops to Kosovo, within the KFOR mission.

I underlined the geopolitical importance of the Western Balkans region, especially in the new geopolitical conditions, where malicious actors seek its destabilization, focusing on the importance of supporting the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, as well as the support of Kosovo to join international organizations, including the Council of Europe.

Hungary is present in our region with investments, as well as with political and technical support, also achieved within the framework of cooperation with the Visegrád Group, providing valuable assistance for the operation of the Western Balkans Fund, according to the model of the Visegrád Fund.

At last but not least, we also appreciated the very good cooperation within international organizations, reflected in the support of mutual candidacies in these organizations.

In this context, I appreciated the support that Hungary gave to Albania’s candidacy to be a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, during 2022-2023 term.

I thank President Novák once again for accepting the invitation and I wish her a good continuation of her visit to Albania, along with the delegation she leads.

Thank you and the floor is yours, Madam President!