Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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Speeches, Speeches

Speech of the President of the Republic, H.E. Bajram Begaj held at the National Security Council Meeting

Dear Madam Speaker of the Parliament,

Dear Prime Minister,

Dear members of the National Security Council,

Dear guests,

As you have been informed, based on point 3 of Article 168 of the Constitution of the Republic of Albania and Article 10 of Law 64/2014, “On the strategic direction and command powers and authorities of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Albania” (amended), I have convened the National Security Council Meeting.

First of all, allow me to thank you for your participation, the continuous and valuable information that you have communicated to the Institution of the President of the Republic and above all, for the work done in protecting and guaranteeing the national security of the Republic of Albania.

The year we have just left behind was difficult and challenging even for our national security. In July, we faced one of the worst cyber-attacks sponsored by the state structures of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which did not only cause problems to the country’s digital infrastructure, but demonstrated obvious political goals to cause instability.

During 2022, we experienced difficulties with regard to floods in the winter; another difficult situation emerged these last two weeks, as well as fire emergencies during summer. There has also been a violation of public security by criminal phenomena, illegal activities of drug trafficking, organized crime, corruption, immigration, etc. All of these have had a negative impact on the economic development and improvement in the lives of our citizens.

In the region, there have been developments with a direct or indirect impact on the protection of our national interests, while states, manifesting unfriendly interests, through various instruments, have tried to expand their influence and obstruct the Euro-Atlantic integration processes of the countries of our region.

Throughout the past year and at the end of last December, we were faced with a very delicate situation in the north of Kosovo, which does not contribute to regional peace and stability. Albania stands with Kosovo and supports the protection of the inviolability and territorial integrity of the Republic of Kosovo, appreciates the role and contribution of NATO’s KFOR mission, in guaranteeing peace and security, respects the principles of good neighbourliness, supports and encourages the dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo, mediated by the European Union and supported by the USA, for reaching a final agreement, which will lead to mutual recognition.

Russia’s illegal aggression against Ukraine has caused the biggest security crisis in the Euro-Atlantic area, while its effects in the economic field were accompanied by significant price increases in the food and energy sectors, which have made life more expensive and difficult for all citizens.

During today’s meeting, we will make an analysis of the state of national security and most importantly discuss priorities for the upcoming year, to ensure utter and comprehensive commitment from all institutions, coordination of efforts and efficient use of national resources to the benefit of our security, freedom and well-being.

Thank you!