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Remarks by the President of the Republic, H.E.Mr. Bajram Begaj, at the ceremony honoring the 145th anniversary of the Albanian League of Prizren

Distinguished high authorities of the Republic of Kosovo,

Dear fellow countrymen,

The history of our ancient nation is rich with moments that fill us with pride, for what we Albanians are and the values we represent.

The Albanian League of Prizren is one of these extraordinary events, where visionary patriots came together to build an Albanian resistance against oppression and rule.

It was this league, that worked with all its might to affirm our nation and to oppose the fragmentation of ethnic Albanian territories.

It was this league, that projected the establishment of an Albanian state — free and independent.

Today, as 145 years have passed since the establishment of the League of Prizren, we proudly honor the glorious activity of those who dreamed and worked for our Albanian nation.

But feelings of pride are not enough. We have the responsibility to respect and protect the legacy that these historical figures bequeathed to us.

The development and empowerment of the Albanian people in all its lands and our integration into the big Euro-Atlantic family is a mission for which we must all work together.

And to fulfill this obligation, we are lucky that our ancestors, in addition to language and culture, also inherited old friendships and reliable strategic partners, on whom we can and should always rely on.

Not everything has been easy, but the future of our nation will be more and more prosperous:

 – if we fight divisions and divisions among ourselves, among each other,

 -if we maintain our moral axis,

 – if we don’t forget the past,

– and if we convey to the new generation the values of patriotism and friendship,

 – the values of peace and unity.

Although sometimes circumstances mistakenly lead us to think otherwise:

– we are gathered today in this house of Albanians,

– 145 years since the League of Prizren,

– all together again,

– all together always.

Long live the Albanian Nation!

God bless all our fellow countrymen!