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Questions and President Begaj’s answers during the press conference with President Novák

You have mentioned the case of Kosovo, what is your comment on the events of the last few days?

 President Begaj: Naturally, such events does not serve anyone. It doesn’t do anyone any good, and moreover they hinder the integration processes of the region in the European Union. For us, the NATO mission in Kosovo, KFOR, is a 20-year success story, and we share the same opinion with the President, that this mission has performed its duty responsibly and with exceptional impartiality and dedication. In fact, the misuse of the Serbian population in the north of Kosovo and the violence against the KFOR Peacekeeping Troops and the media is intolerable, unjustifiable. There is no excuse to justify either party for not implementing the agreement publicly agreed in Brussels and its annexes in Ohrid. Therefore, I think that, in this moment, a diffusion of the situation is needed, to show prudence and patience, to serve the solution of the problem and to be the compass of orientation of both countries for reaching the agreement that has been agreed upon. Furthermore, I think that in these moments it should be asked for more patience, prudence and dedication for the commitments they have made, for the benefit of the well-being of the two countries and the region.

Mr. President, on May 14th, Albania held the local elections, in your view and judgment, did this process fulfill the standards for which you appealed even before the elections?

 President Begaj: In fact, I have followed with great attention all the moments that were related to the election process, because I think that elections show the maturity of our democratic system and a challenge for the integration processes of our country. I have encouraged the Assembly and other political actors to reach an agreement regarding electoral reform, where above all, is the solution to the problem concerning diaspora voting. It is very important to find understanding between the two parties in order to achieve an electoral reform with standards.

I have followed with the same responsibility the pre-election processes during the election process and the counting process. Today, the institutions that deal with the elections are still in the evaluation process. There are some interested subjects who have filed complaints about the legality of certain election areas, and I think we should wait for the Central Election Commission, CSC, the Electoral College to make their final assessment and an assessment of the result and the electoral process.

Amid the post-election debates, the Assembly of Albania found agreement to approve the wage increase for constitutional institutions, but also for politics and governors. Moreover, in that session, it was announced that you would agree to decree it as soon as possible and it happened. Do you have a comment, Mr. President, about the new wage reform?

 President Bajram Begaj: Thank you for the question, although it does not go with the spirit of this conference along with the Hungarian President, nevertheless I will answer. The President implements the Constitution and the laws of the country. I want to clarify that it was not a decision of the deputies. This was a law approved in the Assembly of Albania, a law which was voted by majority and with consensus. The law is made to regulate the wage pyramid in the Republic of Albania, in the high public administration, as well as to regulate the salaries of magistrates. You mentioned that the President’s assent to the law was read. In fact, the law is studied and assessed by the deputies. According to the Constitution, the President has given prior consent to this law to enter into force immediately after the decree, but by no means have I given prior consent for the content of the law, that is, the President has taken his own time to assess the law and it is incorrect that I  decreed it on the same day that the deputies voted in the Assembly, but I took the time assigned to me by the Constitution to properly assess the law, with economic experts, and like any other law based on the Constitution, the President decides its decree. It was never given prior approval regarding the law – agreement or prior approval was given for the law to enter into force at the time of its enactment. Thank you!