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Press release on the visit of Brigadier General Lisa J. Hou, New Jersey National Guard

The President of the Republic, H.E.Mr. Bajram Begaj, received in a meeting today, the Commander of the National Guard of New Jersey, Brigadier General Lisa J. Hou.

President Begaj thanked General Hou for her visit and her contribution to the strategic partnership between our Armed Forces and  New Jersey National Guard.

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President Begaj evaluated the cooperation as very useful and year by year it is going to higher levels, especially in the field of military education, joint exercises, training in the field of cyber security, etc.

The Head of State appreciated the fact that in the “Defender Europe 23” exercise, which will take place in our country, officers of the New Jersey Guard will train and act together with our officers.

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President Begaj expressed his belief, that “DE 23” will be another successful achievement of the strategic partnership with the USA.