Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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The President participates in the 120th anniversary of the Albanian school in Iballë village, Puka

120 years of Albanian education in Iballë, Puka.

“The history of your school clearly demonstrates how sacred the language is for us Albanians. You have done a lot for your village. As a state, we have the responsibility to do even more to preserve and cultivate this treasure. Your work deserves more support, more promotion, and more resources,” President Begaj expressed among other things.

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The President of the Republic of Albania, H.E. Mr. Bajram Begaj, attended today the ceremony celebrating the 120th anniversary of the Iballë school in Puka. This was the first Albanian school opened in the Puka highlands by “educator” Kol Zezaj, where thousands of students have learned to read and write.

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On the anniversary of the school, the Iballë community organized a ceremony that brought together the past and the present, highlighting the personalities who graduated from this school and whose contributions have been marked in the most crucial moments of Albania’s history.

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In his greeting speech, the Head of State appreciated the community’s efforts to overcome challenges, as well as the commitment of Iballë’s teachers to impart knowledge across generations.

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President Begaj took part in various activities such as the opening of the school’s museum, a tribute to “Frrok Kolë Pemati”, a contributor to the establishment of this school, the naming ceremony of “I Lumi Fran Miraka” street, and a concert by artists from Iballë, who came from all around the world.

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In the school premises, books by authors who graduated from this school were exhibited, as well as paintings capturing the landscape of this highland region.

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