Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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The President of the Republic, His Excellency Mr. Bajram Begaj, Hosts Official Reception in Honor of the 111th Anniversary of Independence

The President of the Republic of Albania, His Excellency Mr. Bajram Begaj, hosted a solemn reception today at the Palace of Brigades in celebration of Independence Day.

The ceremony was attended by state leaders, central and local government representatives, officials from Albania, Kosova, and North Macedonia, as well as public figures from the arts, descendants of the signatories of Independence, clerics, and international diplomats in Tirana.IMG 6624

In his speech, President Begaj acknowledged the contribution of patriots, Albania’s progress, and called for unity and cooperation among institutions and Albanians at home and abroad to enhance well-being and preserve the values and principles upon which this nation was built.

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“This November, marking the second century of Albania’s statehood, where much has been achieved thanks to the tireless efforts of Albanians within and beyond our borders, we should be endlessly proud of our country, this common home of God and friends,” said President Begaj.

President Begaj reminded fellow countrymen of the significance of November 28th over the centuries, heroes and patriots who shaped our history; Gjergj Kastrioti, Ismail Qemali, Adem Jashari, describing it as “a day of remembrance and honor for the past and inspiration for the future.”

“Today is the day to humbly and gratefully remember the extraordinary sacrifices of Albanian patriots, of hundreds and thousands of Albanians from Vlora to Prishtina, from Ulqin to Tetova, from Shkodra to Çamëria, who ignited the flame, dispelled the darkness of enslavement, and declared Independence,” stated President Begaj.

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Amid recent regional and global events, President Begaj expressed Albania’s responsibility to consolidate democratic stability, economic prosperity, security, and peace.

“Recent developments in the international arena have proven that peace is never secure, and well-being is never enough.”

President Begaj appealed for sincere cooperation with Kosova.

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“Equal partnership and cooperation with Kosova, as two states of one nation, should be as close, symmetrical, and complementary as possible. We have much to learn from each other. We have even more to do to rise to the expectations of our citizens.”

The President appreciated the progress of reforms that bring Albania closer to the EU, especially in the justice system, expressing hope that the EU will expedite the Western Balkans’ accession.

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On Independence Day, President Begaj called for efforts to improve the country’s economic parameters and vital sectors, sending a special message to Albanian legislators.

“I call on representatives in Parliament to work humbly for an Albania governed by law, prioritizing the common good, where all work and live with honor and dignity.

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In your parliamentary life, be guided by national interest over ideological differences, by compromise not confrontation, by respect not spite, and above all, by responsibility for the future and love for the country.”

The President expressed that everyone should rise to the occasion and work towards building a fair society. 

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“Our Albania, with its natural riches and the kindness of its people, has been here for centuries, will be here for centuries to come, and will forever remain.

God bless our Flag, God bless Albania and the Albanians!”

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