Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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The President of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Bajram Begaj, today commemorated the 113th anniversary of Malësi e Madhe uprising

In honor of April 6, 1911, when the men of the highland waved Skanderbeg’s flag in Deçiq, a flag-raising ceremony of the national flag was held today near the memorial of this historical event in Hot of Malësi e Madhe.

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President Begaj honored the protagonists of the uprising who gave everything to save the Albanian lands from fragmentation, as well as the patriots who continued the effort to make possible the independence and recognition of Albania by the Great Powers.

While recalling the historical facts of the time and the objectives of the patriots of this region, President Begaj described the uprising as a movement of national and unifying character of Albanians of different religious beliefs:

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“In the memorandum that the leaders of the uprising sent to the Great Powers, signed by both Christians and Muslims, they demanded, among other things, the inviolability of Albanian territories, the recognition of Albanian as the official language, and the official recognition of Albanian nationality. This shows the formation of a national consciousness, as well as the strength to unite for the good of the national cause.”

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The Head of State also expressed that:

“Under the oppression of the invader, they managed to preserve the language, traditions, culture, and identity, making Malësi e Madhe a unique area.” In front of the residents of Malësi e Madhe, descendants of patriotic families of this region, the Head of State appreciated their efforts to preserve the heritage and spirit of their ancestors, to stand together in facing challenges, and in the commitment to economic development.

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“The uprising of Malësi e Madhe,” declared the President of the Republic, “is not only a part of our history but also a guide for the future we need to build, a future in a democratic and European Albania, where it is worth living.”