Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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Presidenti Begaj viziton spitalin dhe universitetin “Zoja e Këshillit të Mirë” në Tiranë

Today, President of the Republic, His Excellency Bajram Begaj, visited the “Our Lady of Good Counsel” hospital and university in Tirana, at the invitation of the “Our Lady of Good Counsel” Foundation.

President Begaj praised and thanked the Foundation for its significant contribution to improving healthcare services in Albania, describing it as a cornerstone of health and health education in our country for many years. 

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 “Your contribution to educating many generations of young men and women, equipping them with health knowledge and skills, is extraordinary for the health and well-being of our Albania. You heal not only through healthcare but also care for the soul through human development and community building.
This is your mission, and undoubtedly, the opening of this hospital contributes even more to fulfilling this mission. Healthcare is one of the fundamental pillars of the healthy and sustainable society we aspire to build,” President Begaj remarked.
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“The challenges are many, and facing these challenges requires preparation and professional skills. I am confident that the Foundation is well-prepared, and the challenges involve global competition, human resources, competition in digitalization, ongoing needs for short-term, medium-term, and long-term treatments, and they require not just economic investment but also faith in the future. But above all, this challenge is about keeping healthcare professionals in the country, to be educated here, work here, and have work standards in their own country. You represent a model of success!”
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In a meeting with students of the university, President Begaj encouraged them, expressing that the medical profession is not a typical profession like others but is a mission to serve people in need whenever and wherever. “Certainly, each of us has a way to choose where to work. However, I would very much like you to view this profession as a contribution to society, to serve your family, your country.”

During his visit to the “Our Lady of Good Counsel” hospital, President Begaj met with patients and doctors of the institution.

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