Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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President Begaj Visits Mirdita: Unites Socialists and Democrats, Ready to Support Projects Developing the Region: Historical Tourism Linked to Religion

Today, President Bajram Begaj of Albania visited Mirdita, where he met with local authorities, entrepreneurs, representatives of educational and cultural institutions, and clergy and residents of the area.

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His first stop was Rreshen, which President Begaj views as a communication hub not only with Shkodra and Lezha but also with Kosovo, Montenegro, and North Macedonia.

“Mirdita is a treasure of Albania, not just of the region, due to its history, culture, heritage—not only historical, cultural, and social but also spiritual”, President Begaj stated during his conversation with local leaders, area MPs, and Dom Gjergj Meta, the Bishop of the Rreshen Diocese, whom he commended for his missionary work aiding local residents.

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President Begaj expressed his readiness to assist the municipality by addressing problems and lobbying for projects that would bring the development Mirdita deserves.

According to him, this area should be included in the package of patriotic-religious-historical tourism.

“If there is a place in Albania where we can develop tourism linked to religion, with the wealth of churches, it is Mirdita”, the President stated, believing that the people of Mirdita have much to show to Albanians and the world by promoting their history.

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These values, along with the natural beauty bestowed by God upon the Mirdita region, should be promoted through cooperation, according to President Begaj.

“Regardless of being elected from the opposition, you are a municipality of Albania, a municipality of its citizens. The voice of the citizens must be heard and reflected regarding their problems”, he stated in a message against partisan divides to the representatives of the Municipality of Mirdita.

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In this conversation, President Begaj brought together socialists and democrats, as local opposition leaders as well as MPs Eduard Ndreca of the Socialist Party and Elda Hoti of the Democratic Party participated.

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President Begaj visited the Culture Palace, the Ethnographic Museum, and the Wind Band Museum in Rreshen, a unique museum in Albania. He also had a discussion with artisan women of the area, expressing his desire for the tradition of attire to be passed on through teaching the younger generations their craft.

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Another center for promoting the values of Mirdita is the Infokulla, which acquaints visitors with the riches of the area. President Begaj commended the contributors to this center for their commitment to preserving and spreading history and traditions among Albanians and foreigners.

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President Begaj concluded his visit to Mirdita at the monumental church of Shëlbuemi, the painting of which he had presented to Pope Francis during their meeting in the Vatican a few days earlier.

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