Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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President Begaj’s Official Visit to the Municipality of Shijak

Today, the President of the Republic, H.E. Mr. Bajram Begaj, visited Shijak, where he met with local authorities, citizens, students, and teachers.

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The Mayor of Shijak, Mr. Elton Arbana, welcomed the Head of State and expressed that this is the first time a President of the Republic has made an official visit to Shijak.

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“I thank the President for his attention to our city, the first city to complete the reconstruction process in Albania after the earthquake,” declared the Mayor of Shijak.

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President Begaj visited the rebuilt schools, equipped with modern facilities and tools for students, including laboratories for practical work, as well as new teaching methods, artistic, and professional clubs.

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The President had a discussion with the students and teachers of primary and secondary schools, where he became acquainted with the challenges and progress of the educational process.

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During this meeting, President Begaj urged the students to appreciate and respect their teachers as they respect their families.

Apart from emphasizing the importance of respecting the figure of the teacher, the President also appreciated their dedication to education and teaching.

“If we are inspirational, tomorrow holds more hope,” President Begaj expressed, highlighting the necessity of quality education in preparing future generations.

Continuing the initiative for the Albanian book, the President and the First Lady donated about 150 educational and literary titles to the libraries of three schools in Shijak.

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Mr. Begaj also emphasized the importance of vocational education for young people, as an opportunity to build their future in Albania.

Examples of this model were two small businesses in the city center, operating for decades as family heritage.

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The President met with a watchmaker who inherited the profession from her father, who opened the shop seventy five years ago, and also a patisserie that has been offering quality, artisanal sweets since 1985.

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During his visit to Shijak, President Begaj also attended an exhibition of the Faja brothers, sons of the emblematic artist of this city, “Meritorious Painter” Agim Faja. The exhibition “They fight bravely as befits, the brave men of this region,” is dedicated to the role and contribution of the warriors of this area in the 110th anniversary of the Battle of Shkodra.

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