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President Begaj’s Official Visit to Warsaw at the Invitation of President Andrzej Duda

President Bajram Begaj of the Republic of Albania is on an official visit to Warsaw at the invitation of the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda. The visit commenced with a reception at the Presidential Palace, followed by a one-on-one meeting between the two state leaders and then a bilateral meeting with their respective delegations. President Begaj noted the significance of his visit aligning with Poland’s celebrations of its 25th anniversary of NATO membership, 20 years in the EU, and 35 years since the fall of communism.

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Discussions between President Begaj and President Duda focused on strengthening bilateral relations, cooperation in facing regional developments, and addressing global challenges.

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At a joint press conference, President Begaj highlighted that the talks aimed to consolidate mutual commitment for closer cooperation on various bilateral issues, as well as regional and global challenges.

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The meetings affirmed a commitment to enhance and expand existing relations and cooperation in all mutual interest areas, particularly economic fields.

President Begaj noted that previous achievements should be followed by further collaborations. “Albania”, President Begaj stated, “is fully committed to receiving more direct investments in infrastructure, transport, agriculture, tourism, etc., as it possesses a dynamic economy, stable currency, controlled inflation, and a healthy banking sector”.

President Begaj expressed gratitude for Poland’s support of Albania’s EU integration process. The forthcoming Polish presidency of the European Council in early 2025 was recognized by President Begaj as an opportunity to expedite Albania’s integration into the EU and to facilitate greater advancement of Western Balkan countries towards EU membership.

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While appreciating Poland’s continuous support for Kosovo, President Begaj encouraged the establishment of full diplomatic relations between Warsaw and Prishtina. He emphasized the strategic importance of Kosovo’s membership in international organizations, including NATO.
Regarding regional security issues, President Begaj acknowledged Poland’s contributions within KFOR in Kosovo and Althea in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In light of the war in Ukraine, he stressed that the Western Balkans must maintain their vision for a Euro-Atlantic future, which requires EU enlargement policies.

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President Begaj reaffirmed Albania’s full and unequivocal solidarity with Ukraine, emphasizing ongoing support for Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders.

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“It is vital for our shared security to increase and maintain support for Ukraine as long as necessary. Supporting Ukraine is not charity; it is an investment in our shared security, present, and future. We believe Ukraine’s future lies within the Euro-Atlantic family, and we support Ukraine’s aspiration to join NATO as soon as conditions permit”, declared President Begaj during the joint press conference with President Duda in Warsaw.