Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë



President Begaj on Official Visit to the Federal Republic of Germany

President Bajram Begaj of the Republic of Albania undertook an official visit to the Federal Republic of Germany today at the invitation of his counterpart, President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

The two presidents initially held a one-on-one meeting.


The discussions centered around bilateral cooperation, Albania’s integration into the European Union, regional developments, the implementation of the Berlin Process agenda in the Western Balkans, and security and defense issues.

President Begaj thanked his German counterpart for the warm reception, viewing it as an opportunity to continue discussions started during President Steinmeier’s visit to Tirana in December 2022, as well as on issues where support and understanding have been achieved.

According to President Begaj, this meeting underscores the excellent political cooperation between the two countries and the continuous attention Germany pays to Albania and the Albanian people.


President Begaj conveyed his gratitude to President Steinmeier for his contribution to strengthening the relationship and partnership between the two allied nations in NATO, which share common European values.

“This is also contributed to by Albanians living and working in Germany and German businesses that are present in Albania”, President Begaj noted.

During the meeting, the President received full assurance that Germany would continue to support Albania on its path to EU membership. On this occasion, he expressed sincere appreciation for Germany’s vocal political and public support, as well as the assistance provided in this direction.


Regarding regional developments, President Begaj stated that Germany’s role and engagement are crucial and irreplaceable to ensure that the challenges facing the Western Balkans do not affect or compromise the Euro-Atlantic future.

With the ongoing war in Ukraine and the influence of third-party actors, President Begaj emphasized the need for close regional cooperation, where a European future will guide a common future in peace, security, and prosperity.


The Berlin Process, according to President Begaj, remains an essential and sustainable mechanism for strengthening this cooperation, economic integration of the region, and also integration with the single European market, as well as a strong impetus for the EU integration process.

President Begaj reaffirmed to the German President Albania’s total and ongoing commitment to this initiative and Germany’s engagement.