Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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President Begaj’s Two-Day Visit to Malësi e Madhe on the Occasion of the 113th Anniversary of the Deçiq Rebellion

The President of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Bajram Begaj, is conducting a two-day visit to Malësi Madhe, coinciding with the 113th anniversary of the rebellion marked by the raising of Skanderbeg’s flag at Bratila of Deçiq.

On the first day of this visit, President Begaj held discussions with prominent figures from the area: researchers, writers, journalists, activists, and local leaders, discussing the issues, challenges, and development initiatives of Malësi e Madhe.

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The President commended their dedication to hard work, the exploitation of extraordinary natural resources, the promotion of tourism, and historical and cultural values, promising continuous support to address the concerns raised during the meeting and the realization of Malësi e Madhe projects:

“For me, meeting with the citizens, listening to them, and taking notes is highly valuable. As the professor who spoke with mind and heart said, I tell you that today I am speaking with my soul too, because I am one of you, regardless of my position. No matter our past duties or what we do now, each of us should think about our country, about making a better future for our children right here where they were born.

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And what better place to express this than here, where patriotism, love for the homeland, generosity, hospitality, music, and the lahuta are extraordinary, where we have the lake, the mountain, the river, we have everything people need for well-being and development.It is crucial to highlight the historical and cultural values that identify us as a nation.

You are identified with the lahuta. The lahuta is ours. It is very important that you develop lahuta making and pass it on to the new generation. Similarly, another important value of this area is the xhubleta.

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With the xhubleta, we have entered world history. The xhubleta and the chest embroidery are very important to be preserved and passed on, to make the new generation realize the importance of these values.”

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President Begaj encouraged the residents of the Great Highland to continue their efforts to enhance economic well-being and promote tourism: “It is important to continue promoting economic development and tourism. Here, in addition to inns and agrotourism related to the field, there is another very important part connected to the mountain.

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Your mountain area is important for this reputation Albania has gained. Continue to develop it. You will definitely have support.

“During this meeting, President Begaj also praised the residents of Malësi e Madhe who have returned from emigration to invest in their homeland: “Malësia e Madhe is not immune to the things surrounding us. There is youth departure and emigration everywhere: to America, Canada, England, and other EU countries.

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What is more important, it is clear that these people, although they have left, have not forgotten their homeland, have thought to invest in their homeland, to return, as is the case with our National Team footballer, a boy from these lands, who has made us all proud.

“Another issue President Begaj emphasized was cooperation with Montenegro and the Albanian factor there: “We must develop cross-border relations. The Albanian community there is a significant factor in the stability and state formation of Montenegro. The Albanian factor never changes its dream and Euro-Atlantic aspiration.”

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