Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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President Begaj Wishes Albanian Orthodox Believers a Happy Easter

Today, the President of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Bajram Begaj, extended his Easter greetings to the Albanian Orthodox believers.

Along with wishes for a blessed and joyful Easter, the head of state conveyed a message of unity and support for one another in times of need, spreading faith and optimism in Albanian society.

The full message from the President of the Republic for Easter:

“Happy Easter, a day of faith and hope for all Albanian Orthodox believers!

This holy celebration unites all Orthodox believers today.

Easter invites us to have faith and to be hopeful about life.

To support brotherhood, friendship, and society in good and in bad times.

Easter symbolizes the light of life, the triumph of life over death.

The candles that Orthodox believers take from the flame of the church lantern and bring to their homes tonight carry with them hope, faith, and optimism for a peaceful, joyful, and healthy life.

The resurrection of these three elements is very important for our society.

Blessed and joyful Easter to all Albanian Orthodox believers wherever they are celebrating”!