Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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President Begaj, extends his greetings for Eid al-Fitr from the city of Elbasan

The President of the Republic of Albania, H.E. Mr. Bajram Begaj, extended his greetings for Eid al-Fitr today from the city of Elbasan.

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President Begaj visited the “Ballies” mosque in the city center, built on the site of the centuries-old mosque that was demolished by the regime in 1967.

He stated that on this festive day, Muslim believers have every reason to rejoice, having fulfilled the fast with pleasure, with the sole aim of becoming more devout and worthy individuals for themselves and society.

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A special greeting from the President of the Republic was conveyed to the citizens of Elbasan for the harmony among one another in respect of different faiths.

The full greeting message from the President of the Republic:

“I am here to wish all Muslim believers a joyous Eid al-Fitr!
Following the glorious month of Ramadan, to which believers dedicated themselves, I believe that with their accepted prayers, they are closer to God. I trust they will prove to be dignified citizens not only for themselves but also for society. I am here in this magnificent mosque of the city of Elbasan, rebuilt in the same place where Hasan Balliu first built it in 1608. It was destroyed in 1967, and thanks to God, it was rebuilt again in the same location.

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I am in Elbasan, where there is an excellent tradition, where besides the numerous religious buildings constructed, believers live in harmony, as throughout Albania. It’s a significant human value, one that we must preserve, promote, and pass down. I wish all good and blessings for every Albanian, for every believer.

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Happy Eid al-Fitr, once again!