Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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President Begaj’s last meetings with the Arbëresh people: Thank you, Calabria! I feel honoured and really impressed by everything you do to preserve our national identity!

President of the Republic of Albania, His Excellency Bajram Begaj, ended his several-day visit to the Arbëresh region of Calabria today.

He wrapped up his series of meetings with a stop in “Falconara Albanese”, “Vena di Maida”, and “Caraffa di Catanzaro”.

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As in all his visits, the President of Albania was welcomed in these municipalities, with festive and enjoyable ceremonies involving the musical bands and Arbëresh people dressed in traditional costumes.

“There are moments in a person’s life that leave profound imprints,” President Begaj said, expressing his gratitude for the warm hospitality and the Arbëresh community’s efforts to preserve the national identity.

“One such memory I shall cherish is the hospitality of the Arbëresh people in Calabria. I am incredibly honoured and impressed by the welcome I received at “Falconara Albanese” and “Vena di Maida,” two places where the Arbëresh language, customs, and magnificent folk costumes are passionately preserved and passed down from generation to generation.

Thank you for everything you do to preserve and transmit our national identity!”

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President Begaj visited the ethnographic museum “Sorelle Manes” during his stay in “Vena di Maida,” which features the community’s folk costumes and photographs of historical figures.

Following that, in “Caraffa di Catanzaro”, the head of state met with the Prefect of Catanzaro, Mr. Enrico Ricci, and the Undersecretary of Internal Affairs, Ms. Wanda Ferro.

The President awarded the Arbëresh Culture Institute “Giuseppe Gangale”, named after the defender of ethnic minorities, a decoration in recognition of its contribution over the years to preserving the language, traditions, and culture of the Arbëresh community.

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During his visits to the region of Calabria, President Bajram Begaj expressed his commitment to support any new cooperation projects between Albania and Calabria, especially in mutual interest areas such as tourism or trade. He invited Italian and Calabrian investors to come to Albania, while local authorities of this region promised to introduce the Arbëresh language in schools.

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