Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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President Begaj Meets with President Osmani in Prishtina as Part of the 25th Anniversary Celebrations of Kosova’s Liberation

Today in Prishtina, the President of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Bajram Begaj, held a meeting with the President of the Republic of Kosova, Ms. Vjosa Osmani, as part of the 25th-anniversary celebrations of Kosova’s liberation.

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President Begaj marked June 12, 1999, as a significant day when the dreams of the Albanian people were realized.

“As you call it a rebirth for Kosova, I see it as the day when injustices were ended,” said the President of the Republic.

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“In good times and bad, we should stand together without needing formal invitations. I come here as if it’s my home, just as you come to Albania. I will never be absent from Kosova, just as I have never missed any event here,” stated President Begaj, reaffirming his support for Kosova in achieving the Albanian dream of Euro-Atlantic integration.

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“Albania will always be there to defend Kosova. It would be unforgivable for Albanians and for the martyrs of freedom if we do not advance together,” declared President Begaj.

He described Kosova as a success story and expressed his belief that alongside the steps taken to move forward, there needs to be cooperation with the international friends of Albanians and strategic partners to build the democratic state for which the martyrs sacrificed their lives.

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Another message President Begaj conveyed during the meeting was directed at the Albanian youth and the effort to educate this generation about their heritage so that they may appreciate the true cost of freedom. “If there were a Nobel Prize for freedom, it should be awarded to the Jashari family,” President Begaj remarked, acknowledging their supreme sacrifice for the freedom of Albanians.

Remembering the sacrifices of Albanians on both sides of the border for a free Kosova, the President of Albania sent a message about defending this value, which, according to him, is neither given nor priced, and as such, must be protected.

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