Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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President Begaj Holds One-on-One Meeting with Kosovo’s Prime Minister Albin Kurti

President Bajram Begaj of Albania held a one-on-one meeting in Prishtina with the Prime Minister of Kosova, Albin Kurti, followed by a bilateral meeting with the participation of respective delegations.

President Begaj reaffirmed Albania’s unwavering support for Kosova, emphasizing that every success for Kosova is a triumph for all Albanians.

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“There is no other way. The Albania-Kosova relationship is a symbiosis that will continue to thrive,” said President Begaj, expressing his hope for a brighter future for both countries. He highlighted the potential for both nations to significantly contribute to the region’s stability, peace, and sustainable development, adding that Kosova’s protection and promotion are always on Albania’s international agenda. “Public offices are temporary; the nation is eternal,” he noted.

President Begaj commemorated June 12, 1999, as the day that brought freedom from suffering, persecution, ethnic cleansing, and genocide. He stated that this freedom belongs to all patriots who gave their lives and contributed to Kosova’s cause.

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He reiterated his support for Kosova’s membership in NATO and received thanks and acknowledgment from Prime Minister Kurti for his efforts in advocating for Kosova’s international recognition.

During their discussion, President Begaj proposed that Kosova also declare November 22, the Day of the Albanian Alphabet, a national holiday, which Prime Minister Kurti welcomed.

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The meeting also addressed cultural and educational exchanges, with particular emphasis on facilitating the study of their shared history through school exchanges.