Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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President Begaj, accompanied by the First Lady, visits the “Dielli” Kindergarten in Tirana

Today, on International Bee Day, President Bajram Begaj of the Republic of Albania, together with the First Lady, made a visit to the “Dielli” Kindergarten in Tirana. This year’s theme for beekeeping focuses on engaging young people to emphasize the importance of involving this generation in efforts to preserve bees.

President Begaj chose to share this day with the youngest members of the community because, as he stated, “they are the honey of every Albanian family”.

“I chose to be here on World Bee Day, at Kindergarten 26, to be with the children because they are the honey of every family, of Albanian families. Indeed, ‘Dielli’ Kindergarten, with the warmth provided by its educators, nurtures 150 children”, declared President Begaj, who attended the children’s activities dedicated to International Bee Day.

With their roles as bees and beekeepers, the children transformed into future guardians of the environment: “I am very happy to see that each child in this kindergarten has adapted to his or her role, which tells us in more detail what needs to be done and what is being done. This demonstrates a new teaching method of the educators, whom I want to thank for their dedication, commitment, and devotion to these children, who are our future”, said the President.

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President Begaj also emphasized the importance of the preschool system in shaping the new generations.

“When we talk about education, we must understand very well that education begins in preschool. If we do not care for preschool, we cannot have a good future. These children today have shown us that the future will be very beautiful”, stated the President of the Republic.

In his congratulatory message to all educators across Albania, the Head of State wished that they never tire of giving love and dedication to the children, to our future. President Begaj advised that the entire educational system and society should share the same passion and dedication for preparing the new generations.