Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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President Begaj Welcomes President Emmanuel Macron

His Excellency Bajram Begaj, President of the Republic of Albania, received today His Excellency Emmanuel Macron, the President of the French Republic, and the accompanying delegation.

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As the first official visit by a French President to Albania, this visit marks a historic event in the relations between our two countries.

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During their face-to-face meeting, President Begaj emphasized that this visit demonstrates mutual interest in strengthening bilateral ties and towards peace, security, and the development of the Western Balkans region.

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Albania’s European integration and regional developments were part of the discussions with President Macron. President Begaj expressed gratitude for the strong support that France and President Macron have provided and continue to provide to Albania’s European expansion and integration, along with other Western Balkan countries, through the Berlin Process. He also appreciated the initiative launched a year ago by President Macron to establish the European Political Community, which he views as an initiative that provides more opportunities for Albania and other candidate countries in the European Union, especially in academic and student exchanges.

Additionally, President Begaj thanked President Macron for his contribution to supporting dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, mainly through the so-called Franco-German plan, emphasizing the need for further support for this dialogue and the necessity of condemning and discouraging acts of violence and provocations in the northern Kosovo municipalities. “Kosovo is a sovereign and independent country. Terrorist acts like the one in Banjskë in Zveçan (September 24, 2023) are unacceptable and condemnable for the security of Kosovo, the region and the entire European continent.”

President Begaj noted that five years after signing the Strategic Partnership Declaration between the two countries, relations between Albania and France have entered a new and highly dynamic phase.

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President Begaj underlined that he was pleased that beyond the well-established cultural ties between the two countries, the significant interest of French companies, especially in the field of renewable energy, but not limited to it, is taking the relations to an even higher level. “I am confident that other major projects from French investors will follow the photovoltaic park projects in Karavasta and Spitallë,” President Begaj said in a statement distributed to the media.

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