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President Begaj welcomes a delegation from the Styria province, Austria

The President of the Republic, H.E.Mr. Bajram Begaj, received today a delegation from the Styria province of Austria, led by Governor Christopher Drexler, who was accompanied by the President of the Parliament of this province, Manuela Khom.

President Begaj expressed his gratitude to Mr. Drexler for the attention that the Styria province has paid to Albania and the Western Balkans as contributors to the EU integration process, through cooperation in the fields of education, scientific research, public health, and tourism.

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President Begaj appreciated the activities of the non-governmental humanitarian organization “Albania-Austria Partnership”, founded by Dr. Marianne Graf and her spouse, which has been operating in Albania since 1992.

President Begaj thanked Governor Drexler for his dedication in designing the programs and scholarships that this province has provided to Albania since 2018 and encouraged the continuation of deeper cooperation programs in the future.

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