Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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President Begaj on Independence Flag Raising Day in Durrës.

Today, the President of the Republic, Mr. Bajram Begaj, participated in the flag-raising ceremony in Durrës, commemorating November 26, 1912.

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The President acknowledged the crucial role of the citizens of Durrës, who at that time stood with the patriots for the future of an independent Albania, and also praised their vision today for transforming the city.

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“Durrës is the first city of our Renaissance, where 111 years ago, on November 26, the glorious flag of Kastrioti was proudly raised, a sacred act and a reminder of our most precious values, just like our blood and language, like the countless battles and sacrifices made on and for this land,” emphasized the President.

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During his speech at the ceremony, President Begaj expressed gratitude for the sacrifices that the people of Durrës have always made for the good of the country and their wisdom in overcoming divisions for the national interest:

“We will always be grateful to the citizens of the Durrës region, courageous patriots in their challenging efforts to open Albanian schools and preserve the language, and as national activists with their commitment as part of the national movement for freedom and independence.

IMG 6153In a time of political, administrative, and social chaos, and a lack of clarity about the future, the people of Durrës, with maturity and sagacity, became the forerunners of the most significant event for the nation that would occur just two days later in Vlorë,” stated the President.

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During his visit to Durrës for the flag day celebration, President Begaj met with local citizens and authorities. He also attended an art exhibition for the November festivities and visited the archaeological sites of Durrës.

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