Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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President Begaj at the Tirana Rotary Club ceremony: Marsel Skëndo, the noble Rotarian who served the community with humility

The President of the Republic of Albania, His Excellency Mr. Bajram Begaj, attended today’s ceremony organized by the Tirana Rotary Club to honor entrepreneur Marsel Skëndo.

In his address, President Begaj appreciated Mr. Skëndo’s efforts as one of the pioneering businessmen in post-communist Albania.

President Begaj described Skëndo as a “silent hero” and emphasized that he will never be forgotten by the community to which he dedicated and served, based on Rotarian principles.

“Marsel was not just a Rotarian with a big heart, but he also embodied the finest Albanian virtues. His extraordinary entrepreneurial skill, tireless work, courage, and belief in a far-sighted vision made Marsel Skëndo one of the most successful businessmen, but above all, he was a humanist, a man of noble spirit, who did not let business success overshadow his values. An exemplary case of how economic power carries great social responsibility that should not be misused,” President Begaj stated during the ceremony.

The Head of State also commended Skëndo’s vision and humility as an investor and promoter of supporting new business ventures, including his contribution to building a free and professional media in Albania.