Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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President Begaj Attends the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Constitution of the Republic of Albania

President of the Republic, Mr. Bajram Begaj, participated today in the ceremony organized to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Albanian Constitution.

During his speech, President Begaj highlighted the significance of adopting the first fundamental law of the state by referendum after the fall of the dictatorship. 

“Proclaiming the Constitution on November 28th echoes centuries-long efforts to build a modern state of law based on European principles of democracy and fundamental human rights,” stated President Begaj.

He pointed out that the Constitution was ahead of its time in foreseeing Albania’s Euro-Atlantic integration process, enshrining essential provisions that set the fundamental principles for preparing and legitimizing Albania’s integration into international alliances.

“Our Constitution managed to anticipate and envisage Albania’s Euro-Atlantic integration process, closely tied to the principles of the rule of law and state sovereignty,” he added.

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Regarding the amendments made to the Constitution since its adoption in 1998, the Head of State spoke about the need for a document that is enduring over time. Adapting the Constitution to new realities should be carefully evaluated with caution and expertise, keeping the main pillars in mind, said the Head of State. He commended the constitutional changes of 2016, arguing for judicial system reform, combating organized crime and corruption, and increasing accountability.

The Head of State called for a functional, transparent justice system, equal for all citizens, and a guarantor in respecting their fundamental rights. President Begaj appreciated the progress made and tangible results, while not overlooking the challenges faced by the judiciary today.

“The primary goal remains for the justice system to efficiently serve the citizens, ensuring equality before the law, transparency, and guarantees in respecting their fundamental rights.”

The President of the Republic urged all institutions to fully commit to European integration, which remains the primary objective. “Progress is ongoing, but with new challenges, requiring maximum engagement from all institutions to expedite our membership in the European Union.”