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President Begaj Attends Peace Summit for Ukraine in Switzerland

President of the Republic of Albania, H.E. Bajram Begaj, at the Swiss Summit for Ukraine, emphasized the immediate need for a pathway towards peace to halt the human tragedy caused by Russian aggression and to curb the conflict threatening Europe and beyond.


Speaking before world leaders gathered in Burgenstock, Switzerland, President Begaj stated, “Our challenge is monumental. We need to develop a framework for a future peace agreement”.

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Calling for international solidarity with Ukraine as a victim of Russian aggression, President Begaj declared, “Albania considers President Zelensky’s peace formula as the way to restore just and lasting peace for Ukraine”.

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“Any peace process must be led by Ukraine,” said President Begaj, confirming Albania’s continued support for Ukraine until peace is achieved, in accordance with the UN Charter, respecting Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and highlighting that Russia must be held accountable for its actions.

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Peaceful coexistence within internationally recognized borders is vital, stated President Begaj.

“The road to peace must never be a path of surrender. It must be a path built with the courage to uphold our values”, emphasized President Begaj, who urged global leaders to take measures that reflect the gravity of this moment, reaffirming that “Russia must understand the serious consequences of its actions”.

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According to President Begaj, the international community, alongside efforts for peace, must ensure that support for Ukraine continues.

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