Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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Participation of President Begaj in the “Wine Fair” organized in Berat

H.E. Bajram Begaj, the President of the Republic, attended the “Wine Fair” in Berat this Saturday, featuring Albanian wine producers from within and outside the country.

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The Head of State engaged in discussions with local authorities and entrepreneurs at the fair and praised their efforts to promote local wines and other products.

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“I must say, this fair is perfectly organized. It’s not just limited to wineries from the region of Berat; as I’ve seen, it represents Albania. We have wineries from other regions of Albania, from Kosova, and even Arbëresh wineries,” President Begaj said in a statement to the media.

He further added, “It’s a pleasure for me to see all these successful business models that contribute to their promotion and sustainable tourism promotion. They help the local community where they operate, preserving our tradition, values, and heritage in this industry.”

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Referring to the model of the “Wine Fair” in Berat, President Begaj underlined the need for institutions to turn model Fairs like these into supportive initiatives for all those engaged in this type of activity.

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During his visit to Berat, President Begaj also visited some well-known wineries in the area, considering them as examples of success achieved through hard work and dedication that enabled them to establish a reputation even outside Albania.