Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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President Begaj participates in the international forum “Women, Peace and Security” in Prishtina

President of the Republic of Albania, H.E. Bajram Begaj, attended today the international forum “Women, Peace and Security,” organized in Prishtina by the President of Kosova, H.E. Vjosa Osmani.

During his speech, President Begaj praised Kosova’s international commitment to empowering women, achieving gender equality, and equal opportunities, as well as addressing challenges. He proposed that this forum become a platform of alliances that support and ensure the empowerment and societal role of women worldwide.

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“The same alliances should be formed to end violence against women,” continued President Begaj, who noted that such violence is not only a consequence of civil, ethnic, regional, or global conflicts but also a part of the daily lives of hundreds of thousands of families where women face mistreatment.

In the face of this challenge, collective efforts are needed, expressed President Begaj, who called for an intensive campaign to ensure that violence against women is unacceptable, unforgivable, and punishable.

According to President Begaj, women’s education is a fundamental element, an investment that increases capabilities, opens new opportunities, gives strength, courage, and the resources needed to challenge mentalities and approaches in family and socio-political processes.

“By supporting women’s education, we are investing in the future leaders of challenging fields,” stated President Begaj.

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Recalling the bloody past of the Balkans, the President remembered the suffering of women, who, as he said, bore the heaviest burden as they were targeted for violence and torture with the aim of humiliating communities and carrying out ethnic cleansing. The head of state demanded punishment for the perpetrators while appreciating the courage of the women survivors who have testified to the horrors they endured.

“We are together today in Kosova to reaffirm our unwavering determination for cooperation, progress, and sustainable development for peace and security in the Western Balkans. This forum is not only an act of collective memory of historical and current violence against women in conflicts but also a shared aspiration for a future where peace and security are strengthened by the role and leadership of women,” declared President Begaj.

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He also highlighted the achievements of Albanian women, who are represented at high levels of decision-making and particularly praised Kosova for electing two female presidents during the first 15 years of its independence.