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President Begaj Participates in “Open Day” Event Celebrating 15 Years of NATO Membership

President of the Republic of Albania H.E. Bajram Begaj attended today’s “Open Day” event, commemorating the 15th anniversary of Albania’s NATO membership. The event was organized by the Land Forces Command in Zall-Herr.

President Begaj, who also serves as the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, closely observed demonstrations by the personnel, including commando units.

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Following the demonstrations, the President visited the Armed Forces’ exhibits, where equipment and capabilities for defense and security, tactical, operational, and strategic communication systems were showcased.

Additionally, President Begaj greeted, via a live link, personnel serving in international peacekeeping missions.

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In his speech at the ceremony, President Begaj emphasized the historical significance of Albania’s NATO membership, highlighting the country’s 15-year presence in the world’s most powerful politico-military alliance, its contribution to peacekeeping missions, and its role in maintaining regional stability.

“Albania’s determination to contribute to security and defense shows that we are a reliable and committed partner in the Euro-Atlantic Alliance,” President Begaj stated, reaffirming our commitment to NATO values.

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Security, he noted, is not solely a military issue but requires political stability, economic development, and respect for human rights. “Our unconditional commitment to NATO demonstrates our readiness to not only defend our borders but also to help maintain peace and stability in the region and beyond,” President Begaj declared.

The Head of State described Albania’s NATO membership not as a destination but as an ongoing journey to strengthen democracy, invest in defense capabilities, and cooperate with international partners to build a more secure and sustainable future for all.

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Referring to the increasing geopolitical tensions and complex security challenges, President Begaj expressed: “Our presence in NATO is a guiding light for Albania in preserving democratic values, protecting national interests, and contributing to a safer and more stable world.”

President Begaj extended special thanks to the United States for its ongoing support and NATO’s intervention in the liberation of Kosova, stating, “The Albanian nation will never forget this.”

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“NATO’s resolve to prevent ethnic cleansing of Kosova Albanians today holds extraordinary value,” the President proclaimed.

President Begaj expressed gratitude for the efforts of the personnel and military. “They,” the President said, “deserve our society’s full support to continue fulfilling their noble mission.”