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President Begaj Pays Tribute to the Renowned Albanian Writer of International Fame, Ismail Kadare, at His State Funeral

Today, President Bajram Begaj of the Republic of Albania paid tribute to the distinguished Albanian writer of international fame, Ismail Kadare, at his state funeral held in Tirana.

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Accompanied by the First Lady, the President placed a wreath near the casket, draped with the Albanian flag.

President Begaj extended his condolences to Kadare’s widow, Helena Kadare, and their daughters, Gresa and Besiana, and subsequently recorded his appreciation in the book of condolences for the “Honor of the Nation.”

“Today, Albania and the Albanians send off to the pantheon of eternity their literary genius, the Balkans the poet of its myths, Europe and the world one of the most prominent representatives of modern literature.

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Thanks to his rare talent and patriotic consciousness, Ismail Kadare earned the privileged status of a social and identity emancipator during his lifetime. A pioneer in style and language, together with Mother Teresa, he became an international emblem of Albania and the Albanians of modern times.

Ismail Kadare will always be remembered with respect as a promoter, like no other, of national pride, especially the European orientation of the Albanian nation.

Farewell, our great one!”

This is the message from President Bajram Begaj of the Republic of Albania.